Vision & Values



We rely on good craftsmanship traditions and combine them with modern management principles, professional management, and a highly qualified staff.



Our experience shows that dialogue promotes the process. Therefore, we give our employees the competence and authorization to lead this dialogue. This applies to meetings with customers, working with advisors, on construction sites, and with other partners.



We believe that a flat structure and delegation of decision-making authority contribute to promoting responsibility and co-ownership, which ultimately ensures the best results and highest quality.



We create progress for our customers by clarifying their needs and delivering innovative and value-creating solutions.


Our goal is to:

  • Be the company from whom our customers choose to buy.
  • Be the company with whom people choose a career.
  • Profitably grow with colleagues living our values.   


We navigate from the following principles: 

  • We are open and honest.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for all our actions.
  • We expect teamwork and collaboration across our organisation, and we will treat everyone with integrity.
  • We value entrepreneurship and the efficient execution of our promises and we value everyone who lives by these principles.



HansenGroup aims to be known and leading in:

  • covering the market for supply of SlimLine windows, doors, windows, small facades.
  • being the preferred partner/supplier for customers and architects when it comes to knowledge, advice, innovation, and competencies within our market area.
  • being perceived as an attractive workplace with open dialogue, teamwork, good manners, well-being, and a good working environment - a workplace that employees are proud of.
  • creating coherence in the overall process of projects from sales to delivery.
  • being a modern contractor that lives up to the values of professionalism, engagement, quality, cooperation, and mutual respect.
  • developing and designing products/concepts with a high degree of prefabrication with better quality, better working environment, sustainable construction process, and shorter construction time as a result.
  • delivering unique, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, future-oriented, and customer-tailored products/concepts within our market area.